Certified Copies of Marriage License/Certificate

Fee for a Certified Copy is $10.00

This is an official legal document, certified by the Utah County Clerk/Auditor's Office, and can be used for any legal purpose as if it were the original. Certified copies are typically used for legal name changes, insurance, and other legal purposes.

To order a copy your marriage license:
  • Use the search button below to find your record number and verify your license was issued by Utah County
  • Write down or print out your record number
  • Come in the Utah County Marriage License office at 111 S University Ave in Provo during regular business hours OR
  • Call 801.851.8108 or 801.851.8226
  • Phone orders will require a credit/debit card (Visa or Mastercard only)
  • In-person orders can pay by cash, check, or credit/debit
  • All orders include both a paper copy and a digital copy

If we do not have the license you are looking for in our system, it is likely that it was not issued by Utah County. If you are not sure where the license was issued, you may contact other counties in Utah to see if they have a record of the marriage. Or, you may check the Western States Marriage Records Index.

Two Types of Certified Copy

Certifed Paper Copy
  1. Paper copy of your original completed Marriage Licence/Certificate on file with Utah County.
  2. Has a Certified Stamp on the back of the copy that has been physically signed by the Utah County Clerk/Auditor or a Deputy Clerk.
  3. The copy has been embossed with the official seal of the Utah County Clerk/Auditor. This raised seal can be seen and felt on the paper.
Digital Certified Copy
  1. A digital pdf copy of your original completed Marriage License/Certificate on file with Utah County.
  2. The pdf is digitally sealed through the use of a secure, cryptographic hash on the Ethereum blockchain. The hash is a unique number that can only be generated from your certified copy of your Marriage License/Certificate.
  3. The Ethereum blockchain is a financial ledger that is protected from modification by a worldwide network of computers.
  4. This digital certified copy has the same legal status as a paper certified copy of your Marriage License/Certificate.
  5. Learn More about Digital Certified Copies